Places & Experience

Suzanne has conducted public health research in various countries in Asia, Europe and sub-Saharan Africa.



She co-ordinated the Dfid-funded evaluation of the removal of delivery fees in Ghana (University of Aberdeen, 2005-2007).

She was the Senior Public Health Consultant for the survey “Health Practices of the Population of Ghana” (SCL Social, 2014-2015).


Based in London, Suzanne co-ordinated the evaluation of PEPFAR-funded HIV palliative care services in Kenya (and Uganda) (King’s College London, 2007-2009).


Suzanne contributed to a quasi-experimental study comparing the safety of contraceptive implant provision by community health extension workers with that of nurses and midwives (Marie Stopes International 2015-2017).


Suzanne managed the Improving Newborn Survival in Southern Tanzania (INSIST) project which developed, implemented and evaluated the impact of a home-based counselling intervention aiming to improve newborn survival. (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine based in Mtwara, Tanzania, 2009-2013).


Based in London, Suzanne co-ordinated the evaluation of PEPFAR-funded HIV palliative care services in Uganda (and Kenya) (King’s College London, 2007-2009).

Suzanne’s first consultancy role was to develop operational and evaluation protocols for the introduction of cervical cancer screening services in Uganda through Marie Stopes Uganda and associated facilities, and conduct data analysis and report writing for the studies (Marie Stopes International) (2013-2016).



Suzanne’s first consultancy role in Asia was as Team Leader of the national chlorhexidine coverage and compliance and newborn care behaviours survey with Camris International, which involved questionnaire development, data analysis and reporting (2017).



Working at the University of Trnava as a SAIA scholarship holder, Suzanne conducted seminars on research for university staff and students, and government staff (2013-2014).

As a consultant Suzanne evaluated a global education programme implemented by the People in Peril Association (2014-2015).

United Kingdom
As a consultant working with the University of Exeter, Suzanne analysed data from the Marine Conservation Society to determine changes in amount and type of marine litter collected through volunteers surveys (2013-14).

As a PhD student Suzanne helped to co-ordinate the independent evaluation of the Health Respect sexual health education project, and used the data for Phd studies to examine factors associated with early sexual intercourse (University of Aberdeen, 2002-2007).


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