Designing data collection and entry tools

Data collection tools need to be designed with the study objectives, the respondents, the mode of delivery and the setting in mind to obtain optimal and high quality data. I can assist in developing questionnaires and surveys for use in a variety of formats (postal surveys, on line surveys, face to face surveys) and settings (community, health facility and school, low and high income settings). I can also develop interview guides for qualitative interviews and focus group discussions.
For data collected on paper I can design data entry templates using the freely available software Epidata, which is easy for data entry staff to use in any setting, ensures reliable and secure data storage, and allows easy export to various data analysis software packages.

Example data collection tools I have co-designed:

A questionnaire to assess the level of chlorhexidine use on newborn umbilical cord stumps in Nepal – for Camris International

A questionnaire to assess the change in knowledge of IMCI among health centre staff following the completion of a tablet-based IMCI training intervention in Burkina Faso – for LSHTM and Terre des Hommes

Interview guides for staff and clients of family planning clinics in Uganda to explore views around the integration of cervical cancer screening and IUD services – for Marie Stopes International