Data management and analysis

Data need to be rigorously cleaned and coded to ensure correct results are generated during analysis. I am experienced in using a number of software packages, so I can work with clients own datasets in, for example, Stata, SPSS and MS Excel, or I can conduct analyses in my own copy of Stata. I am able to work with small and large data sets to conduct data management and cleaning; present results in tables and graphs; and analyse data including descriptive and univariate statistics, regression and logistic regression (univariate and multivariate) and clustered and longitudinal data analysis.

I have also used N vivo to code and facilitate the analysis of qualitative data.

Data analysis examples:

– Analysis of a large household survey data set from southern Tanzania to measure frequencies of practicing recommended newborn care behaviours

– Analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from a health facility survey to determine how drug and supply issues affect maternal and neonatal care in southern Tanzania